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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Postcard Speak

As with stamps, coins and banknotes, distinct terminology and jargon developed to describe various aspects of deltiology. Here are some common terms to get you up to speed:

View Card:
Any card containing a representation of a town, city or scene. Cards with more than one picture are called "mulitviews".

Rackcards or Freecards:
Advertising giveaways common in cafes and hotel lobbies.

A card made to look like a painting with discernable brushstrokes.

Also called "continental".
Any card larger than the "standard" 6"x4". Early cards were a standard 3.5"x5.5".

A card with moving parts

Brown, hard-to-remove blemishes, usually mildew.

Die Cut:
A card cut to a unique shape, like Santa or a car.

A fabric style treatment often used to disguise cheap paper

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