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Thursday, February 15, 2001


I'm trying to redeem myself as the world's most inept geocacher.

I joined the movement in 2001, soon after the the craze was officially launched. With the aid of a clunky Magellen 2000 GPS, my first two caches vanished almost as soon as I created them

Desert Drive was placed in early 2001 in the Ngarkat National Park in South Australia but quickly vanished. See archived page.

Lost Lode was placed soon after just outside Tennant Creek, was found once but then vanished.

Needless to say, my enthusiasm for Geocaching was severely dented and I let it go for more than a decade, revisiting it now with the advent of smartphone apps that will, quite literally, walk you to the cache. No knowledge of complicated GPS co-ordinates are even required.

As a fun experiment I have released Blobster into the geocaching world and it will be cool to see how far he travels before vanishing.

15.02.15: Found http://coord.info/GCR1GF (Blobster)

14.02.15: Found http://coord.info/GCTGRC

14.02.15: Found http://coord.info/GC354VE

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