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Saturday, January 24, 2015

More Fascinating Postcard Finds

Rummaging in antique shops can turn up some wonderful cards.

Here are a few I selected from piles of vintage ship cards while on a shore excursion in Napier NZ.

HMS Hood
HMS Hood

HMS Hood
HMS Repluse

Orient Line SS Orcades
SS Orcades

RMS Berengaria
RMS Berengaria

TSS Aquitania
TSS Aquitania

P&O Iberia
P&O Iberia

P&O SS Ranpura

Dominion Monarch
Dominion Castle

Orient Line SS Orford
SS Orford

These are the ones I had to leave behind :(

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Napier NZ, the art deco city

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Napier NZ - the original town was destroyed by earthquake in 1931 and the rebuilt in the art deco style. Many buildings remain and the city is making full use of its unique assets. More: Napier NZ.

Portland Light Rail and Trams

Blackpool Car 48 in Portland OR

These Type 1 cars were manufactured by Bombardier and began
operating on the Portland MAX system in 1986

Thanks to Francis in Portland for these cards

I visited Portland myself a few years back and recall travelling on the MAX from the airport on the last flight in and the last tram out. It was like a ghost train ride - Portland goes to bed early!