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Monday, December 21, 2015

A postcard 'barn find'. Century-old postcard album salvaged.

Rummaging through old boxes of stamps, photos and stuff at my mum's, I came across this old postcard album. Story goes that my uncle salvaged it from a house about to be demolished next to his wrecking yard on Port Road at Kilkenny. This would have been in the 1960s. There was also a cigarette card album.

Still in reasonable condition, more than 100 years later
 I'd forgotten all about this treasure which contains 200 cards in an album branded "Wrench". Some of the cards are written, others are blank, but are dated 1904-1909. It seems they were sent by a relative who spent a considerable time in England back to family in South Australia. Here are just a few highlights.

RPD Gneisenau (dated May 14, 1909)
it seems the sender sailed aboard this vessel and the card is
postmarked Southampton, four days later.
Gneisenau was a Nord-deutscher Lloyd Imperial Mail steamer
sailing between Australia and Bremen 1907

'London's new motor cab'
This looks like a Renault of about 1907 vintage

London - Omnibus
Apparently Hackney Downs Station, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London. 1905
London - Regent St

Japanese Admiral Togo
(A series of cards celebrating the Japanese victory over Russia in the 1904-5 war)

The musical 'All Blacks' - from Maori Land
The Black Family Musicians came out of Invercargill and in those early days of 1897 the group consisted of Mr and Mrs Black, three daughters (Misses Nellie, Elsie, and Doris) and a son (Master Bertie). Source: partofpastnzhistory.blogspot.com.au