Featured Postcards

Greetings Postcard Pals. Below are some of the standout postcards I have received from my generous postcard friends.

I've also included some I've sent myself from significant or interesting locations or just bought for fun. All my postcards are uploaded to my Flickr.

You'll see I also enjoy fancy stamps too. Want to trade? Read on.


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October 2013: Singapore, Thailand, Burma
August 2013: Outback Australia
July 2013: Hong Kong and Macau
June 2013: Thailand
May 2013: Malaysia
May 2013: South Africa
April 2013: West Africa
February 2013: Thailand
January 2013: Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong
September 2012: Thailand
August 2012: Canada
May 2012: Fiji, Vanuatu
April 2012: Tahiti, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji
March 2012: Guam and Palau
February 2012: Melbourne AU
December 2011: Cook Islands, Byron Bay
November 2011: Argentina and Antarctica
November 2011: Hawaii
September 2011: Canada (BC and Alberta)
August 2011: Japan, Philippines, Sabah (MY)
July 2011: Niue
June 2011: Mekong River: Vietnam, Cambodia
May 2011: Fiji (Outer Islands)
April 2011: Danube River: Hungary, Austria, CZ
January 2011: Murray River (Paddlewheelers)
December 2010: Antarctica (Ross Sea)
November 2010: Solomon Islands TBC
September 2010: Fiji
August 2010: East Malaysia/Borneo, Peru
July 2010: Denmark, Norway, Svalbard
June 2010: NSW Mid-North Coast
May 2010: Norfolk Island, Papua New Guinea
April 2010: Cocos (Keeling) and Christmas Islands
March 2010: Thailand
December 2009: Byron Bay, Melbourne
November 2009: French Polynesia
October 2009: Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
September 2009: Japan, India
August 2009: Thailand
July 2009: Borneo (Sarawak, Malaysia)
May 2009: US North West
May 2009: Samoa
April 2009: Queensland, Cape York, Northern Territory
March 2009: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos
February 2009: Fiji
November 2008: Tasmania
October 2008: New Zealand (Sth Island), China
September 2008: Western Australia, PNG
August 2008: Fiji
June 2008: PNG, SE Queensland
February 2008: Melbourne, Victoria
January 2008: South Australia
October 2007: Thailand
September 2007: Japan
August 2007: South Africa and Zimbabwe
June 2007: Italy
January 2007: New Zealand (Nth Island)
November 2006: Melanesia
October 2006: Papua New Guinea
September 2006: SE Queensland
August 2006: Gold Coast
July 2006: Fraser Island, Hervey Bay
May 2006: Hong Kong/Macau
April 2006: New Zealand (Nth Island)
March 2006: Perth, Western Australia
January 2006: China
October 2005: Papua New Guinea
September 2005: South Wales (UK)
July 2005: Alaska/Siberia
June 2005: Byron Bay, Perth
February 2005: Tasmania
December 2004: Adelaide/South Australia
November 2004: Bali
October 2004: Hawaii
September 2004: New Zealand
June 2004: Cape York Peninsula
May 2004: Great Barrier Reef
December 2003: Java
September 2003: Madagascar/Mauritius/Reunion
August 2003: Korea
May 2003: South America (Ecuador, Chile)
January 2003: More New Caledonia
December 2002: Kangaroo Island. Lighthouses!
November 2002: New Caledonia.
October 2002: India
August 2002: Vietnam/Cambodia.
May 2002: Singapore/Malaysia.
January 2002: UK/France
Previously: South Africa, Antarctica, Argentina, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea